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Kooth's aim is to keep the service it offers to you confidential. This means that Kooth's team of counsellors won't talk about you to other people outside of the Kooth Team.

There are times though when if we are really worried about you and think that you are at risk or danger, we will talk to you about the need for somebody outside the Kooth team to know what has happened or what is happening to you.

In order to let somebody outside the Kooth team know you would need to give us your contact details. Once we have your details we would have to pass those on to the people who could help you.

We would only do this if:

  • your life is at risk because of something you are doing
  • you are at risk from somebody else
  • you are a risk to somebody else.

In these cases, your counsellor will ask you for your contact details so that they can refer you to the appropriate services.