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Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions

Keeping yourself safe

  • Please make sure that the information you give us is accurate. This includes the area where you live and the year and month you were born. If you have entered your information incorrectly by mistake, please let one of the counsellors know so that they can advise you what to do.
  • Keep your account private- don’t show anyone your password or share your account with someone else
  • Don’t use your full name or surname, give out details of specific locations like the name of your school or a place you like to go to with your friends or share details such as email addresses or your phone number

Respect others

  • Be polite to other Kooth members and the Kooth team
  • Show each other kindness; rude or offensive comments won’t be published
  • Be sensitive to others and remember that things you say may impact on them
  • Don’t bully or be unkind to other Kooth members or talk in a violent or aggressive way
  • Make sure your language is appropriate- try not to use swear words or use sexually explicitlanguage. Anything that is homophobic or racist won’t be published
  • It’s important to be truthful on Kooth and not pretend to be someone else
  • Sometimes you might feel cross or frustrated but it’s important to try not to take it out on the Kooth team or other members on the site.

Some topics are sensitive

You might hear the word ‘trigger’ used on Kooth, a trigger is something that can set off memories, emotions or feelings in someone else. It’s hard to avoid every possible trigger but there are some common things that shouldn’t be posted on Kooth as they might trigger others. These topics are best spoken about with Kooth counsellors who are trained to support you.

  • Eating disorders- we won’t publish height, weight or BMI calculations, posts that are pro eating disorder or competitive, descriptions of ED behaviours or details and quantities of food in relation to ED behaviours
  • Self-harm- we won’t publish any posts that contain details of methods of self-harm or descriptions of self-harm injuries
  • Feeling suicidal- we won’t publish anything that talks about suicidal plans
  • Experiences of abuse or trauma- details of experiences of abuse and trauma are best discussed with counsellors, you can share with others your stories of overcoming difficult events but we won’t be able to publish any specific details
  • Legal stuff- we won’t be able to post anything that talks about a criminal offence or criminal behaviour.

Publishing and downloads

On Kooth, everything that you post or submit to the site is checked by staff members who moderate what you’ve written and make sure it doesn’t break any of the community boundaries.

  • Sometimes a moderator might delete your post or change it slightly before it is posted, whoever moderates what you’ve written will message you to let you know if your post can’t be published
  • Documents on the site may be downloaded and used for personal, non-commercial use only.
  • All rights are reserved; no part of Kooth, including information, images, photos, trademarks & logos may be copied, republished, posted, broadcast or reproduced in any form whatsoever without our prior written permission from Xenzone.

These terms may be changed from time to time to ensure we are able to keep our users safe and comply with the law. We will notify you we change these terms. If you continue to use the site after we have changed the terms, then you are assumed to have accepted the changes

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